The Haunted Mask is the name of a evil mask introduced in The Haunted Mask Part 1.

the mask on Carly Beth


The Haunted Mask was first made by the owner of the mask store with a bunch of other masks. He was bought by Carly Beth and after he was worn more than twice, he stuck onto Carly Beth's face and took over her brain. He is then buried in a cemetary by Carly Beth in The Haunted Mask Part 2.

He later appears in The Haunted Mask II Part 1 and The Haunted Mask II Part 2. He comes out of the hole in the cemetary and takes over the store owner's body, whom he forces to make Steve, who had stolen another haunted mask, to kill Carly Beth. But Steve rejects and end up knocking the mask off of the store owner. Then Chuck, Sabrina, Carly Beth, and Steve burn him and the other mask in a fire, but he later gets attached to Carly Beth's dog.


  • He has been the antagonist in 4 episodes.