Slappy is the name of an evil dummy introduced in Night of the Living Dummy II

The dummy


Slappy is bought by a family and starts causing trouble to get the daughters in the family in trouble. At the end of the episode, though he is pushed off of a ledge by another living dummy and supposebly dies.

Later in the episode, Night of the Living Dummy III Part 1 and Night of the Living Dummy III Part 2, Slappy is bought by yet another family and comes to life to terrorize the children with his partner, Rocky. Though he and Rocky later die after they both get zapped by elecrticity.

Then again, later in Bride of the Living Dummy, Slappy turns out to be okay and the last family donates him to a place, where a magician buys him. Slappy then forces the magician to be his slave. But the magician gets fed up with him and donates him to a girl who had watched his show, and the reason being is is because Slappy wants to marry the girl's little sister's doll. At the end of the episode, Slappy and the bride die, but they both take over the girls' brother's body.